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Beyond Boring in the Boardroom in Fort Lauderdale

Top Tips to Make your Next Meeting More Exciting

Today corporate executives are flying more than ever to attend meetings and conferences at hotels around the world. Often boredom is synonymous with the word boardroom, and unfortunately, it’s a reasonable thought. Full day meetings in mundane, monochromatic rooms tends to leave attendees feeling dozy, uninspired and antsy to get outside for a breath of fresh air. This can also offset their excitement, focus and decision making process which ultimately defeats the overall objective of the meeting. According to Forbes Insights, 8 out of 10 executives prefer face-to-face meetings to discuss ideas. Therefore, the boardroom needs to be a stimulating place of productivity!

For your convenience, we’ve enlisted Steve Silverman, Director of Sales at The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL to offer some of his top tips on how to make your next boardroom meetings more appealing, comfortable, and successful so your guests keep coming back each year. Having decades of experience in the industry and at The Diplomat Beach Resort, the largest convention hotel south of Orlando, these tips are not to miss!

Temperature – whether your hotel is in a colder or warmer climate, the temperature in the boardroom needs to be ideal so guests aren’t too hot or cold. If the room is too cold it can be distracting and uncomfortable, where as if it’s too warm, it can leave attendees feeling drained and demotivated. A recent study out of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that the highest productivity is at temperatures of around 22 degrees Celsius, or 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Escape the boredom in the boardroom – If possible, plan a morning, mid-day or evening escape relevant to the destination to foster excitement amongst your guests. Since The Diplomat is a waterfront property located in a tropical region, our team has been successful with our Complimentary Luxury Yacht Reception. Guests set sail from our private marina on a gleaming Charter One yacht for a scenic cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway.

Plan frequent and creative breakout meetings – We find that meeting attendees become easily distracted staying in a confined boardroom all day, so we offer a wide range of breakout room options, and an innovative catering menu to carry our guests out throughout the day. In honor of Florida’s official state fruit, the orange, The Diplomat offers a special Citrus Summer Cool Down Break package, and you can preview more info here.
Room with a View – location, location, location! Whether you’re in a tropical or cooler destination, natural light is always key to a productive boardroom meeting. The Diplomat’s meeting rooms have ample waterfront views that offer a lot of natural light as well as black out curtains when needed. Having a view of the city, mountains, ocean or street offers a positive effect on your attendees’ welfare and productivity. If your boardroom doesn’t have windows, it’s ideal to offer frequent breaks so guests can get fresh air and take in some natural light throughout the day.

With over 200,000 sq. ft. of flexible indoor & outdoor function space for up to 5,000 guest attendees, and special monthly promotions that you can preview here, planners can choose from a wide-variety of enticing offers. The resort also features 1,000 bright, beach-y guest rooms to include 96 suites, two sun-drenched pools, Trina Turk designed cabanas, an ultramodern spa, plus 8 culinary concepts led by celebrity award-winning chefs, including Geoffrey Zakarian and Michael Schulson. It’s the ideal property to host a meeting of any size and then to kickback, relax and indulge at any or all its luxurious facilities.

For more information on special offers or to book your next meeting/convention at The Diplomat Beach Resort, please contact 954-602-8607 or email [email protected]