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South Florida Sushi Favorites from Celebrity Chef Michael Schulson

Favorite Sushi Dishes from Monkitail:
Tuna Roll – We have a great tuna roll at Monkitail. When I go to any other sushi restaurant, I like to order a tuna roll first. In my eyes, knowing how to make a sushi roll is essential – if you can’t make a great sushi roll, I’m not going to order anything else.
Vegetable Roll – Monkitail’s Vegetable Roll is uniquely prepared. Instead of rice, we use cucumber on the outside, making the roll more refreshing. I love it.
Lobster Roll – The Lobster Roll at Monkitail is slow poached and has a crispy tempura batter on the outside – making it one of my top three choices!
Favorite Robatayaki and Chef’s Tasting Table Dishes from Monkitail:
The Short Rib and Scallop Robatayaki are two of my favorites. Robatayaki really allows the flavor to shine. These items’ freshness and quality is what matters most.
I love the Edamame Dumpling. They are soft pillows of handmade dough, filled with edamame and truffle that melt in your mouth – it’s one of our signature items.

Tips for Making Sushi at Home:
When making sushi, the most difficult part is preparing the rice. People study the rice and how to cook it for years at a time. I would suggest starting out by buying cooked rice from a sushi place you like and focusing on the fish and rolls.
Start with the rolls as they are the easiest to work with. A very important part about making rolls is ensuring that you don’t overfill them. It’s really hard to make a roll that has too much filling.

Favorite Hollywood Attractions:
Cafe Martorano – Cafe Martorano is an Italian restaurant founded by Philly-born Chef Steve Martorano. Try getting a reservation here – It’s totally worth it!
Las Olas Boulevard – Las Olas is one of South Florida’s most unique shopping and dining districts. Take a walk down to the beach and put your feet in the sand.