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The Diplomat Beach Resort Chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and Michael Schulson Share All Things Surf & Turf

Point Royal has received several high profile awards including Hottest Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale by EATER Miami while Monkitail has been recognized by USA Today as the #1 Best Hotel Restaurant.
Surf & Turf Tips from Chefs Geoffrey Zakarian & Michael Schulson:
“For me, have one or the other first. Preferably the seafood chilled like oysters or lobster on the half shell and then a well marbled piece of prime beef right after with some creamed spinach. Now that’s a match made in heaven!” – Geoffrey Zakarian
“Start with the best quality fish and meat and cook them separate since they don’t cook at the same rate.” – Michael Schulson

Geoffrey Zakarian’s favorite steak dish at Point Royal:
The Creekstone Rib Eye – when we can get our hands on it it’s on the menu. It’s corn and grass-fed, and absolutely succulent!

Michael Schulson’s favorite seafood dishes at Monkitail:
Tuna Rice Cracker – it’s a favorite that people who don’t eat raw fish, always love.
Hot Hamachi – such a unique dish that has so many flavors and textures.
All the sushi – we use warm rice to go with the cold fish so it’s just an amazing balance of flavors and texture.

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